Road Trippin’

I was back on the road in my “safe place” my Honda Accord. Good Bye Kansas City. I was only there for a month but it seemed longer than that. It was the beginning of April, I drove North towards Iowa. I had never been I Iowa. My mom called as I was leaving KC  and she was glad and asked if I was coming home and I told her no, I am going to Columbus, OH but could not answer why I was going there. I was afraid to tell her the reason because I knew I would sound crazy and I was afraid of sounding crazy.  It started snowing and before I knew it it was snowing very hard and I was driving in the snow storm. It was beautiful watching the flakes come at my window as I’m driving on the interstate.  I stopped at a restaurant in Iowa and it was a very neat place. I wish I could remember the name of it. I think I ate a burger and fries there. After staying there for a little while I ventured on down the road and ran into a college campus, I don’t remember the name of it either.  I sat in the parking lot and thought that if someone saw me that I would look strange, like I don’t belong there, so I left. That night I was in De Moines, Iowa I think and my mom called again and was worried about me driving at night and told me to find a hotel to stay in.


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